Finch Fic: A V For Vendetta Fan Fiction Community

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Welcome to Finch Fic: A V For Vendetta Fan Fiction Community.

This community is intended to provide a home for fan fiction and artwork related to Chief Inspector Eric Finch, whether based on the graphic novel or the film. The community is het, gen, and slash friendly, and it's asked that you mark your fic accordingly.

The Rules:

* There are no content restrictions. However, you must warn for questionable material (non-con, incest, shota, etc.) and a rating must be provided with every story or image posted. Okay, I'm willing to make an exception for icons, but use your discretion, here. ;)

* Please stick all fan fiction and artwork behind a LJ cut. More than three icons should be tucked behind a cut.

* Try to stay on topic and keep the community pimping to a minimum. For the moment, limited discussion is fine, too, if it's behind a cut.

If you want to make me happy, your post format will look something like this:

PAIRING: (or Gen, if that's the case)
NOTES: (I'd specify Novel-Verse or Movie-Verse, but that's me)

The set format makes archiving easier, anyway. I will try to archive fiction and artwork in the community memories, but I'd also recommend reposting your work to Vigilante if you haven't already.

The subtitle was cruelly yoinked from m15m's V For Vendetta in XV Minutes parody. Membership in the community is required, but it's worth the read.